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Using this technology, organic matter can be removed without the use of pyrolytic oxidation or other destructive procedures and, as a result, the cost of wastewater treatment is reduced. The Fe-tpena system works by increasing the temperature of the treated water to as much as 350°C, which initiates the chemical changes that occur when the micro-organisms in the water activate and begin to metabolize the organic matter. The activated micro-organisms also make carbon dioxide as a byproduct. As a result, the carbon level in the treated water drops. The dropped carbon level leaves the water as what is called "ash". The ash contains only a trace of organic contaminants, and is treated in a similar way to a hazardous waste - it must be carefully disposed of. The major concern with the disposal of ash is the possibility of acid precipitation. The pH of water is lowered to 5.0-6.0 due to the loss of dissolved carbon, and the carbon dioxide builds up inside the system. Since the carbon level is being lowered, the gas is released back into the air, which lowers the pH.  The released carbon dioxide and acid can cause corrosion of the system pipes.  To avoid this corrosion, the system must be protected and neutralized before it is disconnected from the influent. In the Fe-tpena system, the effectiveness of the activated micro-organisms in breaking down the organic material is variable. The effectiveness can be improved by treating the ash at higher temperatures for longer periods of time.  This could be accomplished by using stronger ferrous ions. Applications The Fe-tpena system has been implemented in a number of countries. An application in South Africa utilizes the technology to recover energy from wastewater to provide low-cost heating for households and industry. Another application in Russia uses the technology to produce biogas. The system is also used in Indonesia to reclaim or desert for agriculture. See also Water treatment Ecotoxicology References Category:Waste treatment technologyOur Promise We have the lowest prices and the highest customer service. We buy all diamonds. On time deliveries. The highest quality diamonds available at the best prices. We are a family owned business that has been in the diamond industry for over 25 years. We look forward to earning your business.




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Off-Road Drive Activation Crackgolkes

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