No Dinghy Towing- eBike

Like most of us into traveling with our RV we were trying to figure out how to get around after we parked. Looking into what cars that are able to be towed the list is short and sometime not correct. Of course we don't want to use a tow dolly or trailer as that just subtracts on the places we can stay. Add the price of tow bar ,wiring, and installation you are now thousands over just the car purchase. Then hooking up and unhooking the car before you park at your RV spot.

For a fraction of that cost think about just adding an electric bike to your RV or Van. You can leave them on the rack if you don't need them. Most have more than a 10 mile range some have over 20. This allows you to run around town for the day, get food, see the sites and get back to your coach. Charge the battery up overnight inside or right on the bike. Pedal or don't Pedal, you can still get there. Easy to ride. No special license needed. Add a basket to hold groceries.

Now I know some of you are thinking there are just some times when you need a car. When that time arrives just rent, we think that over the life of of our RV we can save money by just renting a car locally in the town after we arrive. Then just leave it there when we are done. Most rental car companies will even pick you up at the RV park.

Below is the ASSORCA family of which include a Rad City Step Thru, Rad Wagon (holds 2 kids) and Rad Runners. After having these for over 6 months(over 10 camping trips), we won't ever worry about not having a car.

Car, insurance, registration will always be more than a bike, bike rack, and one or two rental cars a year.

If you want to get bikes use this link, new customers should get $50 off a purchase and RadPowerBikes will donate $50 to a Charity.

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