Sprinter "REAL" Cup Holder

So like everyone that has a pre 2019 Mercedes Sprinter and uses a Yeti, RTIC, or other tumbler, the cup holders in the 2018 or earlier models aren't lacking but their size isn't quite enough.

To remedy this I searched the internet trying to find a solution. Only finding two online resources, one to purchase a product for $150 (which requires a few screws installed). The second was a step by step process making your own with photos and again screws, although some steps were missing.

Nope don't want to build anything... Well I found this one at https://www.littlefootllc.com/sct which is $80

Done, works well and holds my RTIC 30oz tumber without fail. It also has a 2 USB plugs.

Hardest thing was removing my existing cup holder with a knife. Finally came out and this one slides in.

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